Delivering Value to This Fintech Re-brand

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3 min readFeb 21, 2020
Before and After

From “Performance Matters” to “Performance Oriented Alternative Investment”, our team took this stealthy fintech platform into 2020 in two months, one workshop, a sales presentation, and a new re-branded website.

While most creative agencies look at re-brands as a chance to stretch their analytical research knowledge and persona deep-dive hell, our team takes a slightly different approach from turning a non-performing brand into a top player.

Many companies that come to us are emerging brands and early stage companies where budgets and time are limited to move through all the steps. Instead, having an approach to lean back into the founder story and create a roadmap towards next level goals allows companies to drive product innovation through with a stronger position in their market.

This latest project with HedgeAct gave us the opportunity to work with veteran investment professionals who were tired of the stodgy look and feel their company portrayed and look to the exciting investment strategies they were providing their high net worth clientele.

In taking 3–4 hours with the executive team through a creative workshop, we quickly identified why their team’s expertise sat above the competition with highly skilled, creative programs for alternative investing. What they create for their clients’ investments programs are not easily accessible on the mass market without industry expertise and requires a very exclusive and expert approach to investing opportunities.

Uncovering this unique perspective in the workshop led us straight to the ideals of modern art and how each piece is ahead of its time profoundly created by the talents of an artist and their creative lens. The outcome— part intuition, part creative genius, all the way differentiated from HedgeAct’s competitive landscape.

Our findings and recommendations were so accurate that one of the key stakeholders who was not involved in the initial workshop said “I actually have a modern art gallery and collect art, but is this too risqué for our audience?”

That sort of feedback is perfect at this stage because it showed us

a) we delivered a close to exact audience identification.

b) we were able to turn those ideals into a softer approach using clever design placements instead of overstepping the line of position.

While there are varying philosophies on brand development and millions of dollars spent every year on brand exercises, here’s a glimpse into what you could spend on identity, website, and positioning. The real questions to ask is what is your company’s stage and what is the value to you?




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